Corporate Holiday Gift-Giving

The Holidays Are Coming

I hate to say this, but the holiday season is just around the corner, and companies large and small are beginning to shake their weary heads in consternation. What to give that will be valued and appreciated by the recipients?  It’s not just about finding some little widget or gadget to hand out and then walk away, job done. No, it’s more about how to effectively use the gift-giving as an opportunity to reward and thank those who help the companies and corporations build their business. This should be done in a thoughtful, meaningful way, and include thoughtful, meaningful gifts.

The problem becomes two fold; what to give and how to give it. By choosing certificates that can be personally redeemed by the recipient for items that excite them, the experience becomes a win-win. It’s kind of like giving a gift twice, for the same price. First, the recipient is thrilled to receive the certificate; then is again excited when they redeem it.

Being able to redeem online has become much more popular. The holiday period is hectic and stressful for many, and being able to choose what, where, when and how at the click of a button, at the redeemer’s convenience, is a huge bonus. After the kids are in bed, first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee, or in the wee hours of the morning, it doesn’t matter. On-line redemption means simplifying the process for the recipient-another way the company can show they understand the needs of their employees, business associates, sales channels, etc.

So, what gifts are appropriate for your group or individual? Certificates that are fully transferable are huge wins. They can be kept and used by the recipient themselves, or given away as gifts, business promotions, rewards, etc. Although gift cards are popular, they can seem impersonal, but what about a certificate for an experiential adventure? Ah, now we’re talking personal and thoughtful. Another company bonus? It takes the stress and time factor out of the equation for the company personnel generally responsible for pulling together this type of project.

If the recipient can choose for themselves what type of experience they’d like, depending on the value of the certificate, things like a spa day or weekend for themselves or their spouse, a fishing trip, or their choice of a vast number of merchandise items, the gift becomes personal. Given the option, we all choose different things or experiences. I might not care about a golf getaway, but a corporate executive or sales manager might be thrilled to receive something he can not only use himself, but also use in business. Personally, I’d love to receive a certificate for dinner for two at my choice of dining venue, but make that a certificate for a spa day with all the trimmings, or weekend B & B getaway to share with either my spouse or a gaggle of girlfriends and I’m all over it. The idea is to let the recipient determine the experience and the timing. No assembly required.

As Incentive Magazine recently reported, this type of personalization is a trend we’re seeing in the incentive and reward industry, with companies like Maui Jim, Bulova and a host of others, who also understand the value of personalized selection. Instead of pre-selected guest gifts being handed out or left in guest rooms during company events and destination getaways, how about inviting everyone down to the lobby our outside to choose their own pair of Maui Jim sunglasses with on-site fittings. Guests receive and wear their new sunglasses immediately and throughout their stay. Bulova has also recognized the value in on-site watch or jewellery fittings at corporate events, as they encourage guests to have fun and personally select items from their impressive line-up to suit individual tastes and style? That’s a win-win if there ever was one.

Everyone’s A Winner

For larger companies and corporations who have moved away from huge cash bonuses, or would like to, there’s the option of the experiential bonus for top tier executives and sales personnel/teams. Imagine the excitement of giving and/or receiving a certificate package to attend sporting events such as NASCAR, the Super Bowl in New Orleans for 4 or 5 days, The Master’s Golf in Atlanta, the CFL in Canada, or the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky! These types of bonus rewards bring people together to experience a National Sporting or Entertainment (Canada and U.S.) event, network, relax, enjoy, and take away memories that simply can’t be replaced. Even better if they can include a guest and the certificates are fully transferable, allowing the recipient to decide how to redeem.

Your Secret Weapon

For more information please contact us In fact, consider us your secret elves. We do all the work while you receive all the accolades.


About Debbie A. McClure

Author of (paranormal) romance novels, my business and and life experiences have taught me much about living for today while working toward a better tomorrow. I am a proud wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. It is these relationships I treasure and respect above all others. In my career, I strive to provide the highest standards of customer service and excellence possible, while building relationships, and experiences that truly make a difference. After all, if I have to work, I want what I do to matter.
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